Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Memories for sale ...

MEMORIES frames are being sold at TenterGrafiX in Tenterfield in support of Alzheimer's Australia and symbolise the more urgent need for Alzheimer's sufferers to have their lives captured in photos. TenterGrafiX owners Darryl & Ruth Offer found out about the framers through an industry magazine "Photo Imaging News" and from Fuji advertising flyers. The awareness raising effort was organised by Alzheimer's Australia and the Photographic Imaging Council of Australia (PICA), both with an interest in the value of 'memories'. "I have a living relative in Britain affected with it and I think we all know someone who's unfortunately suffered dementia in old age." Mrs Offer said. The special photo frame costs $5 and have magnets on them so they can be put on the fridge. It is hoped many Australians will help others keep the memories through buying these special picture frames. "They fit a 6x4" photo and are light weight," Mrs Offer said. According to Glenn Rees, National Executive Director, Alzheimer's Australia, currently 170,000 Australian already provide care for a person with dementia. It is critical that people living with dementia, their families and carers know that help and support is available to them. As there is still no prevention or cure, there is an increasing need for understanding, support and high quality care for people living with dementia.
Tenterfield Star 12.10.04

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