Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Start for The Blog

After a bumpy start to the world of blogging - no time in other words - I have been badgered by persons who shall remain nameless to get my finger out. So here goes AGAIN!

After many years TenterGrafiX has at long last joined the rest of the interlectuals and got themselves a web site http://www.tentergrafix.com.au. We have to say a huge THANK YOU to Andrew Edgar for taking it upon himself to get us up and running; Allen Offer http://www.silviamanzanero.com and Jennie Eriksen http://www.effectivemarketingtenerife.com and various friends around the globe who have sent us constructive words of wisdom and generally encouraged us to keep going with the project. Thank you one and all.

If you haven't been to our website - then it's about time you did! No pressure of course.

One of the things that I did want to see on the website was an Events page - somewhere for us to put information or photos of events that Darryl & Ruth attend or for that matter TenterGrafiX attends. Of course it might only be a little blurb and a few photos, in which case it will be in the Blog. Anyway - it will be somewhere so just keep looking. We can't be everywhere of course and we are bound to miss something (so please forgive us in advance) but the more we can get Tenterfield out there ... well what more can I say.

If you haven't caught up with the 2010 Tenterfield Show hard luck it finished in February - but take a look at the photos and see what you missed! Thank you Andrew http://www.andrewedgar.com/ for the extra fantastic shots. When your lens needs a new home .... :-)

In the mean time - you might be interested in the Borderline Regional Arts Association 'ART TRAIL 2010' - it's been running since 26th February and won't finish until 5th May so there is plenty of time to follow the Bruxner Highway to Tenterfield and out through Sevenlea and Stanthorpe on the New England Highway calling in to 40 different venues to view the exhibiting artists. A must see.

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