Monday, May 10, 2010

When Time Flys ......

OMG - What happened to April? It would appear as though I have missed a few days!

Training and assessment went well (I think) - I guess everything will be confirmed when the uniform, badge and official paperwork arrives.

Tenterfield has enjoyed its weather, the temperatures have remained quite mild throughout the day and there is still plenty of sunshine to be had. The nights however have been creeping in and the familiar smell of cozy wood fires has started to permeate the evening air. Our pretty trees are fast loosing their leaves but not before their wardrobes are depleted of colours.


Three locals who appeared in a Murder-Mystery called 'Unearthed', recently had the red carpet treatment at the School of Arts where the film, partially made here in Tenterfield, had its premier. Monique Spencer, Terry Powell & Geoff Newman were all very impressed with the end result.

Talking about films - if you haven't already seen 'Charlie & Boots' - do. It's just 'Oh-so-Ozi' and of course you get to see a little bit of TenterGrafiX as Father and Son drive into Tenterfield for THAT thick shake!

Another new movie 'Beneath Hill 60' could be a good one to see - it is based on an unpublished autobiography written by Oliver Holmes Woodward who was born in Tenterfield. Woodward trained in the local mines - this training inevitably assisted in the destruction of Hill 60.

'Black Saturday'
Linda Nye©

Congratulations to Lu Potter and Linda Nye for scoring equal points in the 'Peoples Choice' award in Tenterfield's recent 'Brush with Verse'.
After three months of full-time exhibitions held throughout the Borderline region the Borderline 2010 Art Trail came to a close on the holiday weekend just as Art In The Mill celebrated its 10th birthday at the Ballandean Timber and Case Making Mill.
Before we close the story for this year on the Art Trail a huge congratulations must surely go to Tenterfield Local Aboriginal Lands Councils involvement - an extraordinary exhibition - very inspiring - TenterGrafiX congratulates Ronella Jerome and all involved for an exciting and vibrant first effort and PLEASE keep the Moombahlene Artist Gallery going - it's a side of Tenterfield that people need to see! Well done.

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