Friday, June 25, 2010

Wintersong 2010

Celebrations are up and running this week for WinterSong 2010. Our celebrated songman PETER ALLEN was born here in 1944. On the 18th of this month it was the 18th Anniversary of his untimely death. To honour his career WinterSong have been putting on a variety of activities & sights from musical street themes, art exhibitions, buskers, The WinterSong Ball, Car & Bike Show, fantastic light & fountain display at the pool and even a lonely piano parked outside Sherelles in case anyone wanted to tinkle the ivory's!

Rotary hosted Performance Workshops in May this year to foster emerging local talent. They were on the lookout for aspiring young entertainers from around the region.

Under the professional guidance of Barry Patterson and ably assisted by Grant Ovenden on piano, 16 performers tuned up their voices, flexed their guitar playing fingers, took deep breathes and were off and running.

What else can you say other than CONGRATULATIONS all round to the graduates of the performance workshop - a full house at the Tenterfield School of Arts last night and plenty of audience participation. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

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