Tuesday, January 25, 2011

August - October 2010

We fell off the radar a bit - sorry about that!
It seems as though we never stop. Work keeps us very busy - though never busy enough to employ another person - isn't that a common tale for small businesses!
There have been many social activities on the Tenterfield Cal - all sorts of good things to do an see. How I wish we could attend everything.
The Tenterfield Hospital Ball had a good turn out. Entertainment was provided by Ripple FX and an effervescent Elvis!
NSW Rural Fire Service had the State Championships in Dubbo - huge amount of people. Interesting exercises and a LOT of cooking. Catering, as usual ran like clockwork! Took lots of photos ..... do you think I can find them ... Mmmmm!
In September a new Gallery opened in Stanthorpe Qld. NEST GALLERY has many local and Australian artists showcasing their work. Emma has the winning recipe for a wonderful fresh arena. Why not visit http://www.nestgallery.com.au/ and see for yourself.
We had a visit from St Joseph's Primary School - a group of lovely children came to watch how their school project was completed. All artwork and typing had been done by the class and it was up to us to bind it altogether. Which we did with their help. A very well presented 'Thank you' was given and in the following days a school pendant arrived for us to display in the shop. A lovely idea.
Relay For Life came to visit the town again - at least it wasn't as cold as last time. We had a fair amount of work on so was not able to get that involved. However Ruth put her hand up to help the Tenterfield Lions Club cook breakfast - good fun - enjoyed by all.
Still can't get this finished tonight .... stay tuned!

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