Friday, January 28, 2011


What do I say?
How to explain?
Should I have taken the photos?
This blog entry is the hardest I have had to do. Even today I don't have the figures to hand ... I am typing this up at the end of January - two weeks after these pictures were taken. Everybody is well aware that Toowoomba, Gatton, Murphys Creek and Brisbane have also been hit. This is what makes it so hard to put pen to paper. At the time these were taken Brisbane hadn't happened ... so we folk here in the township of Tenterfield were shocked at the enormity of what our 'Creek' had just become.
I have many more photos but I have to get my head around what hit Tenterfield - in fact what hit the Shire and how our residents are going to cope. It is only now that the stories are starting to filter through. Tenterfield Shire, like all small shires could barely make ends meet and now ... there are roads, bridges, kerbing, parks, trees, fencing - the list goes on.
If I can gather more stories and sort through the photos I will make another entry very soon.
To all Australians far and wide who have some how been affected by the recent flooding in their area - we are thinking of you.

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