Friday, August 21, 2009

On a Role

15th January 2004

"Darryl and Ruth Offer of TenterGrafiX have watched over a kilometre of paper walk out the door in the disguise of 10,807 photographs in the holiday season.

An assortment of pre-Christmas printing requirements and all the Christmas and New Year party photos since, have been responsible for a hectic time at their new store. Darryl and Ruth have thanked all their customers for their patience and say that the normal one hour and same day services are now back to normal.

The couple have already amassed quite a collection of film cannisters and have started to wonder how many they'll have by the time they celebrate their first anniversary as TenterGrafiX in October. They've decided to let their customers have a go at guessing too and will put up a display in the window so they can join in".

"Tenterfield Star" 15.1.04

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