Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ugly ....

T: Would you like single or double prints? C: Single T: and when would you like them back? C: don't know T: How about this Friday at 11am? C: 'spose T: We'll looked forward to seeing you them. Thank you. 1 day later ..... T: Can I help you? C: I'd like to pick up my photos. T: I'm sorry but theyr'e not ready yet Next day ..... T: Can I help you? C: I'd like to pick up my photos T: I'm sorry, but they won't be ready until Friday at 11am. COB Friday - no sign of customer. Next day ..... T: Can I help you? C: I think its disgraceful that you advertise a 1 hour service and yet 4 days later our photographs are not ready. T: I'm sorry Sir, but you did agree to them being ready at 11am Friday - yesterday - and they were ready as agreed. C: We made not such request. We brought them in first thing Tuesday - how long does it take for heavens sake? I can got to the chemist and get a quicker service than this. T: Not wishing to disagree with you sir, but you actually brought them in at 11.35am. C: No we didn't. T: (turning work bag towards customer) Yes you did - you see I wrote the time down. C: Well ... that still doesn't account for how long it has taken you yo do the photographs. T: Well, actually Sir, it didn't take us very long at all - it's just that your wife didn't nominate a time or day that she wanted the photos done by so we offered her Friday at 11am and you both agreed that that was OK. C: Well, I think its disgusting and be sure we will not be coming back.


  1. That doesnt look at all like you Ruth!!!

  2. Humph! I'm still working on a reply - stay tuned!