Thursday, August 20, 2009

Curved Digital Adventure

October 2003

Unable to afford the price tag of a new, bigger than Ben Hur digital system we opted to go for the next best 'thing'. 'Thing' would carry us through the beginnings of our digital adventure (for a while at least). I couldn't begin to tell you how much wasted paper and late nights we had. Nor could I dare to think how many prospective long-term customers never came back. It was a harrowing experience. One that made us over cautious regarding the purchase of expensive equipment.
By the end of October 2003 we notified our customers through the Tenterfield Star that we would be closed for a few days while our Digital Equipment and Silver Recovery Unit was installed and Andrew Mason Photographic Services did some routine maintenance.
In line with our personal thoughts of recycling (which we carried through to the shop), we had installed a Silver Recovery Unit so that all chemical wastage from the processing machines could be poured into the SRU. Silver flake from the chemicals would be extracted and taken away by a technician to a refinery. This simple process allowed us to comply with environmental guidelines and local water authority regulations.

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