Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our First Day .....

13th October 2003

What we offered: film processing, reprints, enlargements, films, batteries, frames, albums, inkjet cartridge refill kits and refill service, specialty papers and cameras.

What was to come: passport photos, photos from digital media, photo restoration, custom framing, scrapbooking and laminating.

We had rented a nice little shop which by the time we had finished doing what we had to do ... had a sort of tin shed country feel about it.

Family and friends kindly sent their support in the form of flowers and emails. All of which were very much appreciated. We certainly had a steep learning curve ahead of us!

Even in the early days we were quoted in the Tenterfield Star as saying:

"It is interesting to note that with improvements in technology many people are taking up the Digital Challenge. While this may have many advantages, it has one major disadvantage and that is, unless these photos are printed to a permanent medium eg true photographs, future generations will not have a pictorial record of this era. Anyone with an interest in Genealogy will understand the implications of this".

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  1. Welcome to blogland!!! Hope the business is going well. Pleased to help if you have any blog queries. julie :0)